iKoLab, IT Consulting

IKOLAB is an IT Consulting company providing a diversified range of IT services and products to private and public Organizations in Africa.

Privately owned, we are a geographically distributed ICT team of  Engineers, Designers, Analysts and Researchers operating on the continent. We develop proprietary products and services, undertake community projects and also deploy & support quality industry solutions from our partners.


A sustainable digital ecosystem for all


Support individuals and organizations to achieve their aspirations to create positive change in society by leveraging information and communication technologies


Our Principles

We believe in a deep stakeholder involvement

tech solutions should be grounded in behavioral change with support of stakeholders. We identify the need of stakeholders’ and patiently iterate until the solution is fully adopted.


Build our project around this principle for accountability and self-reflection for both partners and beneficiaries on the impact/ results of our actions. As such we are passionate about open Data projects in government, education, health, agriculture and other sectors.

We adapt to economic, cultural and social trends

We pledge to contribute in reducing the Gender Gap, contribute to quality education access and also create jobs and opportunities for youth.

We adapt to technology trends

we do not adapt for the sake of adapting, we understand that technology grows everyday as such we evaluate its growth impact and its profitability repercussions before deployment


As the internet, we consider ourselves as just a node which needs other nodes; collaborators and partners to efficiently deliver value to our clients.

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